Professional Pipeline Inspection

Pipe inspection equipment

Midwest Pipe Inspection provides televised inspection of water, sanitary and storm sewer infrastructure, condition assessment, and corrections and repairs.

Due to the increased demand and high levels of construction, cities have changed their policies on televising pipe for inspection, no longer providing this service for private contractors/developers. However, pipe inspection/televising is required before the city will issue a certificate of occupancy.

Midwest Pipe Inspection can televise your project with the contractor present so any problems can be identified and corrected prior to turning documents over to the city inspector. We are experienced pipe layers who know how the pipe installation process works, and how to remedy any issues prior to city review.

We use the Cues televising system, which is known for being a world leader in the industry, providing the highest standards, utilizing state of the art equipment.

We are able to televise everything from a 6” pipe and larger, inspecting all joints/connections/manholes etc. We are able to come to your site, lower our pipe ranger televising system down the manhole and televise 1500 feet in both directions from one location.